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How Does a Headhunter Work?

How Does a Headhunter Work?

Role Analysis

Role Analysis is an inherent part of the job of a headhunter. A headhunter must be able to grasp the requirements of the employer with every small detail like a contract or permanent hire, the company’s background, culture, policies, and everything. 

Sourcing Prospective Candidate

This process involves checking out the referrals, running searches, showing up for industry networking events, extracting candidates’ data and private databases, and other methods of luring leads for the role. 

Running Screening Test

The process of screen testing begins once the headhunter has a list of prospective candidates ready to match the requirements. This process is highly personalized considering a lot of factors, from qualifications to skill set. 

Outreaching the Shortlisted Candidate

The outreach process is for the candidates who headhunters shortlist after reviewing the company’s requirements. Headhunters make calls and fix appointments with interested candidates and understand the requirements of the candidates. 

Compiling Shortlist Data for Client

If specifically asked by the client, headhunters also assist the client in running interviews, negotiations, and onboarding processes wherever possible. 


Headhunters are no foreign term when you are extensively looking out for people to take over your hiring process.