Cancel an interview as an employer

Cancel an interview as an employer

Be direct: The candidate must be informed about the cancellation immediately. So try to be direct in your approach and inform via call, email, or message.

Show empathy: You must show empathy while informing about the cancellation, as the candidate put a lot of effort into preparing for the interview. You must apologize for the inconvenience and state the reason for the same.

Be honest about the reason: As discussed above, there can be any reason for cancellation. Your responsibility as an employee is to state the reason honestly and even convey the possibility of rescheduling.

End it on a positive note: To maintain a good relationship with the candidate, you must end the conversation positively. If you reach out to the candidate for future vacancies, mention that.

To Concluding: Keeping all these things in mind, you can convey the cancellation information by using a separate template for each scenario. Here are the templates for the most common scenarios of cancellation, like rescheduling the interview and position canceled.