How to Cancel an Interview as an Employer


Canceling an interview as an employer is never pleasant! The fear of a bad reputation for the company stands in the way of doing it perfectly. But what if we tell you there is a way to do it without burning bridges with the candidate? Read on to find out all about canceling an interview as an employer, with sample email examples and a template to do it safely!

Cancel an Interview as an Employer

Top 3 things you will learn:

  • Ways to cancel an interview as an employer 
  • Possible reasons for cancellation by employer
  • Email samples and templates to convey the information of cancellation.

How to cancel an interview as an employer

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An employer can cancel the job interview due to many reasons, but they should promptly inform the candidate about the cancellation using the following ways:

  • Call: The employer must always call the candidate to inform them about the last-moment interview cancellation with relevant reasons. Calling the candidate may save you time and ensure clear communication over other mediums.
  • Email: Send a formal email to the candidate stating the reason for the cancellation and apologies for the inconvenience. Emailing the candidate highlights the company’s professional approach to dealing with such scenarios.
  • Whatsapp: If you have been in touch with the candidate via Whatsapp, you can use it to inform the candidate about the interview cancellation. If rescheduling is possible, you must also communicate the same to the candidate.
  • Job portal: If you have been connected with the candidate via a job search platform, you can also try to give them information about interview cancellation on the same platform itself.

Reasons to cancel an interview with a candidate?

Reasons to cancel an interview

There are multiple reasons why an employer may cancel the job interview. We have listed down some possible reasons for reference:

  • The position is put on hold– Sometimes, the hiring for a particular position is no longer needed or put on hold due to some other reasons unique to the organization.
  • The position is filled-Since hiring is a continuous process, and it is possible that the position is already filled before the interview of the prospective candidates.
  • Personal or professional circumstances-There is no control over emergency situations. Therefore, some personal and professional chaos may also lead to the cancellation of the interview.

Cancel an interview as an employer template

When canceling an interview, you must inform the candidate professionally. It is generally suggested to use a template for information on cancellation for different scenarios like rescheduling post-cancellation, position filled up or canceled, etc. Here is what you must keep in mind while cancellation:

  • Be direct: The candidate must be informed about the cancellation immediately. So try to be direct in your approach and inform via call, email, or message.
  • Show empathy: You must show empathy while informing about the cancellation, as the candidate put a lot of effort into preparing for the interview. You must apologize for the inconvenience and state the reason for the same.
  • Be honest about the reason: As discussed above, there can be any reason for cancellation. Your responsibility as an employee is to state the reason honestly and even convey the possibility of rescheduling.
  • End it on a positive note: To maintain a good relationship with the candidate, you must end the conversation positively. If you reach out to the candidate for future vacancies, mention that.

Keeping all these things in mind, you can convey the cancellation information by using a separate template for each scenario. Here are the templates for the most common scenarios of cancellation, like rescheduling the interview and position canceled.


Interviewer Rescheduled Interview Email Example Templates

Cancel an interview as an employer template

Wrapping up

An employer can cancel the interview due to many reasons, but the right way to cancel requires doing it positively and professionally. An employer can use different templates as applicable and convey the reason directly, honestly, and positively to do it correctly!

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