Avoid these hiring hazards and recruit like a boss

Hiring is not like ticking off boxes, you must find a candidate which can align with your company’s values and mission. It’s all about getting a like-minded ally for your brand. Bad hires may lead to slow production, issues with coworkers and untold headaches. This will also impact your company financially. Below are some eye-opening […]

How to Cancel an Interview as an Employer

Cancel an Interview as an Employer

Canceling an interview as an employer is never pleasant! The fear of a bad reputation for the company stands in the way of doing it perfectly. But what if we tell you there is a way to do it without burning bridges with the candidate? Read on to find out all about canceling an interview […]

What is a Headhunter and What Does a Headhunter do?

it headhunters - definition & description of headhunter job

Have you ever wondered why companies are relying so much on headhunters? What does a headhunter do? In the fast-moving tech industry, Headhunters are a blessing in disguise, bridging the long-standing staffing gap of companies. The challenge of finding the right person for a specific job prevails due to the bumper vacancies, high salary requirements, difficulty in […]

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