Artificial Intelligence
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Reign the business Panache with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence - Representational Image
It is magic when capabilities meet future possibilities.

The umbrella of Artificial engineering can be further classified into three categories like machine learning, Algorithm Engineering, and Computer Vision Engineering.

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Machine Learning Engineers

The creation of self-running Artificial intelligence systems could be an impounding task. Here the organization requires a quick thinker, analyzer, and passionate candidate who goes deep to study the relevant set of data. The Time Agency Group keeps all these parameters in mind and helps find suitable candidates.

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Algorithm Engineers

The sole purpose is to design and integrate Algorithms that result in improving AI applications. Understanding the complexities, We connect you with candidates who have a quick sense of doing inputs of user-friendly formats and Algorithms efficiency.

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Computer Vision Engineering

A huge demand in this spectrum will be seen soon. By using visual data, systems are able to find even the smallest glitch and future possibilities. Computer Vision Engineers help make Artificial intelligence self-resonating systems that will scale virtual information and will help solve real-world problems.

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We are Artificial Inteligence Recruiters

Given the considerable scope of jobs and professions inhabiting the world of Artificial intelligence, We help you connect the dots of smart talents with the latest IT intelligence. We go in-depth into role scope and help to find Junior to senior-level Artificial intelligence engineers.

Rise of the Artificial Intelligence Sector

Artificial Intelligence is defined as computer systems doing mimicry of human behavior. It is used to optimize models quickly and easily. Where there is big data or multiple efforts are required instead of taking years with the help of Artificial intelligence the decisions can be made in weeks or years. Time Agency Group can help you connect with fully vetted Candidates.

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Hiring Options


We scout specialized talent with proprietary search methods to identify candidates for your company that are ready to work on a contract basis.


We render agile staffing solutions to help companies recruit a workforce that is highly qualified and aligns with the company's permanent staffing criteria.

Remote Hiring

We analyze your remote hiring needs and harness the potential of candidates to deliver suitable profiles for your business and help you build a remote team.

Bespoke Hiring

We offer tailor-made staffing services using advanced sourcing technologies to help organizations bring solid talent together which makes a difference.

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We scout specialized talent with proprietary search methods to identify candidates for your company that are ready to work on a contract basis.

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Direct Hire

We render agile staffing solutions to help companies recruit a workforce that is highly qualified and aligns with the company's permanent staffing criteria.

Remote Hiring

We analyze your remote hiring needs and harness the potential of candidates to deliver suitable profiles for your business and help you build a remote team.

RPO Services

You can count on us for a complete recruitment solution for all or some of your organization's recruiting needs. A dedicated recruitment team executes it.

Benefits of Hiring an AI Expert

An AI expert typically has a strong background in computer science, mathematics, and engineering, with a focus on machine learning, data analysis, and artificial intelligence. Some specific qualifications and experience that an AI expert may have include: A degree in computer science, Strong programming skills, Experience with machine learning, knowledge of deep learning techniques, experience with natural language processing, Experience working with large datasets, Strong problem-solving and analytics skills and many more:

There are several benefits to hiring an AI specialist, including:

  1. Improved efficiency and productivity: AI specialists can automate mundane tasks, freeing up time and improving efficiency.
  2. Increased data analysis capabilities: AI specialists can help companies turn data into decisions, leading to better business results.
  3. Improved customer service: AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants are allowing companies to provide superior customer service, with round-the-clock help for customers.
  4. New product and service development: AI experts can use customer data to help companies develop new products and services, uncovering new opportunities.
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Top Hiring Positions
Some of the Artificial Intelligence talents we fill
AI/ML Lead
Java AI Developer
Embedded Software Engineer (AI/ Embedded)
Machine Learning Engineer/AI Engineer
AI/ML Engineer
Director, AI/ML Solutions Engineering Squad Leader
Software Development Lead AI and Embedded Technologies
Software Engineer (Python and AI)
Product Manager - AI/ML
Sr Software Engineer AI
Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Architect
AI/Insurance Applications Developer
Director of AI and Analytics
AI Product Manager / AI Product Owner
AI/ML Developer
Product Owner (AI)
AI Engineer
Sr. Artificial Intelligence Engineer
Senior Software Engineer- AI
Sr Manager Services- Data & AI
Consulting Head- Data, Analytics & AI
.NET AI Application / Fullstack C# Development
Sr. Architect - Data , AI, Information Architecture
AI & Data Engineer
Machine Learning Engineers
Lead Machine Learning Engineer
Senior Machine Learning Engineer
Algorithm Engineers
Algorithm Calibrations Test Engineer
Algorithm Controls Engineer
Computer Vision Engineering
Computer Systems Vision Engineer
Principle Artificial Intelligence
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AI and Machine Learning Recruiting & Staffing Agency in US | Find ML & Artificial Intelligence Talent

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was created with the purpose of designing machines or robots that think and act in a similar way to human beings to enhance many of their activities. It is a technological tool that is already part of the processes of many companies and of the service market, such as insurance, promoting a significant improvement in the customer experience.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence is a technological advance that makes it possible for machines or robots to learn from experience, update each day with new contributions, and perform tasks like human beings.

AI is primarily focused on the ability to analyze data on any particular format or function, automating manual processes, delivering greater efficiencies to procedures, and improving products.

This makes it an invaluable business asset for complex task applications that previously required human input, such as online communication with customers.

How we recruit candidates for Artificial Intelligence positions

Using AI in recruitment can provide many benefits, including automated resume sorting, candidate skills analysis, interview automation, and employee performance prediction.

1. Sort CVs using AI

Using AI to sort resumes can provide many benefits to recruiters, including the ability to save time by sorting resumes based on specific criteria such as work experience, skills, and education. Machine learning algorithms can help identify the most qualified candidates and allow recruiters to focus on high quality candidates.

2. Analyze skills

AI helps analyze skills that can help recruiters objectively and effectively assess candidates. Machine learning algorithms can analyze information about candidates’ skills and experience and identify the key skills needed for the job.

3. Automate interview management

AI can automate the interview process and can provide many benefits to recruiters, including the ability to conduct automated interviews to screen candidates and provide personalized feedback to candidates in real time.

4. Predict your performance

AI predicts employee performance and helps recruiters identify top performing candidates for job openings. This allows recruiters to reduce recruitment errors and optimize selection decisions based on objective data.

What is Machine Learning (ML)?

Machine learning (ML) is a scientific field of the branch of artificial intelligence (AI), and is based on a machine that learns automatically.

This machine is in fact an algorithm that learns by identifying recurring and/or complex patterns in the data collected, whether numbers, words, images or others. In this way, they manage to improve their performance in performing a specific task.

Data analytics is of utmost importance in business as it helps us chart the course for growth and evolution of the organization.

How we recruit candidates for Machine Learning positions

1. Job Advertisement – One of the time-consuming chores for recruiters is manually writing and posting job advertisements. This problem is made easier by machine learning technologies.

By sifting the resume database to locate the applicants who are the greatest fit for the open roles, ML automates the candidate sourcing process. People who visit your website’s career page can be tracked using machine learning algorithms, according to the information.

2. Candidate Evaluation and Pre-Selection – There are numerous beneficial methods for pre-employment assessment that allow for a comparison of candidates’ crucial competencies. This helps in determining the best match for the job profile.

Aside from that, AI and ML help in assessing a prospective employee’s soft skills, aptitude, and cultural fit, as well as other qualities required for the post for which he or she has applied.

3. Predicting Hiring Requirements – Employees may choose to retire early or simply leave in search of better opportunities. This, however, may have a negative impact on the duties and job they leave behind. In such cases, strategic succession planning is critical for the organization’s long-term survival and growth

Machine learning algorithms can be trained and used to maintain track of the talent pool in the pipeline.


The context of machine learning is very dynamic, which can present both an advantage and a challenge. This type of environment requires a lifelong learning mentality. Artificial intelligence is one of the pillars underpinning digital transformation and machine learning improves data processing. Today, it is already used to find new solutions in different areas of life.

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