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Choosing the right candidate for your business is our top priority

Houston has a thriving tech sector and a lot of growth potential. With its wide range of industries, including energy, health care, and aerospace, the city is well suited to develop new technology and innovation. There is a strong network of mentors and resources for startups in the city, in addition to a low cost of living and a highly educated workforce. There is a lot of potential for growth in Houston’s tech sector, and it is poised to attract new investment and companies in the upcoming years. Providing IT talent to companies in the Texas and Houston area and nearby Austin is what we do at Time Agency Group. Recruiting and helping organizations hire top-performing IT professionals is our mission. Our recruiters have detailed knowledge of Houston’s IT market. We combine cutting-edge recruitment technologies with traditional headhunting methods to right candidates. Learn how we can assist your company in finding the right IT professionals. 

Direct connection with the employers and employees in Midtown

We have been the modern standard recruiting agency in Midtown. Many companies are still facing issues with hiring IT professionals for the position. In this case, you need an agency that will deliver the top candidates in the IT world at any time.

IT recruitment employees having online meet
Work with us to find the correct fit for the company

When an employer works with us to get a better role for the position, we make it possible for them to hire. We are an IT recruiting agency that offers the company the IT professional to get results. We have highly trained, experts, who are on their toes to get the perfect fit at your company, allowing you to reach your goals and achieve outstanding long-term results.

Here are the benefits to cater our service in Kingwood:

When an IT industry takes us on board, we help them to find the right candidate for the industry. We regularly look into the resumes of the candidates that are helpful for the employer. We understand our client’s requirements and meet their needs. We also offer them extraordinary service that meets their expectation.

IT recruitment employees having online meet
IT recruitment employees having online meet
Get us on board to maintain the relationship

We form a long-standing relationship with our clients that allows them to directly hire and contact IT candidates for their job. We constantly look into attractive IT recruiters to keep their workspace on them. Your technical hiring process is made easy with a time group agency.

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