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Employ professional IT staff with the States leading IT recruitment company.

Time Agency Group will help you hire employees with a range of specialized skills to add to your organization’s team. We reduce employee turnover by understanding and being attentive to potential employees’ needs. We’ll communicate with the candidates to identify their interest in the IT sector and the job role. Seattle is home to a number of popular locations for tech companies to set up their offices. Some of the most popular areas include South Lake Union, Pioneer Square, The Denny Triangle, Fremont, Bellevue, and Seattle’s University district. Time Agency Group recruits the cream of the crop for organizations in the U.S. We mindfully select our candidates to stick in the company for the long haul. Head over to our form to get in touch.

Why should you trust Time Agency Group?
Our placement and consultancy agency works with IT companies all over the United States to source the world’s best IT candidates for their offices in booming tech hubs. Our testimonials are proof of our client’s satisfaction. We have perfected our recruitment strategy for IT staffing excellence.
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What is our next goal for Seattle?

Time Agency Group pinpoints world-class IT candidates for your Bellevue, Seattle, and Washington offices. We help recruit professionals from all corners of the United States to work in Bellevue’s IT hub. Our list of tech-savvy professionals is ready to make a mark in Seattle.

What’s our IT recruitment standard for Seattle?
We excel in showcasing talented IT engineers and business professionals for your offices in Pioneer Square’s tech neighborhood in Seattle, Washington. We look out for skilled and innovative subject experts to match your job description.
IT recruitment employees having online meet
IT recruitment employees having online meet
How do we place IT, candidates, in Bellevue, Seattle?
Time Agency Group locates experienced and unparalleled IT ninja’s from the United States for your tech hubs in Seattle. We provide our recruitment and consultancy services in your tech neighborhoods like Bellevue, Pioneer Square, etc.
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