Stressful Jobs in the World.

– Work long hours – Tight deadlines – High-pressure situations – Workplace politics & others

Why Are Jobs So Stressful?

Do you find yourself feeling stressed out at work on a regular basis? You're not alone. Here is a closer look at the most stressful jobs in the world.

Some of the reasons: – Demanding nature of their     work – Work long hours – Life-and-death situations

Healthcare Professionals

Some of the reasons: – Risk their lives – Respond to emergencies – Distressed and traumatic environment


– Ever-changing technology – Security risks and cyber threats – Ever changing technology – Recruiting & retaining IT professionals

IT Managers

Police Officers

Some of the reasons: – Handle criminals – Constant vigilency – Respond to dangerous situations

Brush Stroke

Airplane pilots

Some of the reasons: – Safety of passengers & crew – Extreme weather & hijackers – Last-minutes Schedules changes

It's clear that some jobs come with higher levels of stress than others. However, it's important to remember that stress is a natural part of any job

Final Takeaways