Acing the Tech Interview: Tips for Success


Companies usually go through the applications of the candidates before calling them for the interview. If you have got an interview call from your dream company, then congratulations! Your half of the struggle is over, but what about the interview? You may be surrounded with loads of questions in mind regarding the interview.   What interviewers will ask? What if you are unable to answer the questions? How to prepare for the interview?   All your concerns are valid, as in today’s market of professionalism and business, companies expect a lot from the employees. Don’t worry, today in this blog we will let you know about how to prepare and succeed in your technical interview.  

Research about the company and role

You must research about the company before attending for an interview. Look whether it is a right match for you or not.   Read the below bullet points to know what to check about the company.
  • Visit Company’s website: A company’s website will let you know everything about the brand, their projects, core values etc.
  • Check their social presence: Many companies today love to share their culture on social media. Hence an opportunity for you to know even the ‘behind the scenes’ aspects. Connect with existing and current employees of the company on Linkedin and know about their experience with the brand.
  • Check online reviews: Genuine reviews can give a realistic idea to you about a company’s work culture.

Prepare common interview questions

To show your sincerity towards the job, it’s better to know some standard interview questions before appearing for the interview. This will make you answer all the common questions with confidence and will impress the interviewers right at the first go.   Usually technical interviews contain questions related to critical thinking, teamwork, problem-solving and communication. Be quick in answering all such questions and let the interviewers know about your suitability, strength and problem-solving skills.   Your preparation on all such questions can make you give insightful responses to stand out from other candidates.

Highlight your experience and skills effectively

Preparing interview questions is not enough, you must be able to communicate and demonstrate your skills efficiently.  
  • Check the company’s products, services and the technology on which they are working. Ensure that your answers stick with their values and needs.
  • Go through the company’s job description to know what exactly they are looking for in a candidate. Align your skills and achievements with their requirements.
  • Showcase your projects and work which is relevant to your job profile. Let them know about the challenges you faced and how you overcame them.
  • Talk about your problem-solving skills during technical discussions. Show your thought process towards any scenario and tell them the optimized solution.
  • Discuss about your achievements with some examples. Tell them about your contribution in the previous firm and how it impacted them positively.
  • Interviewers would like to know your skills in programming language, methodologies, tools and frameworks. Give examples on your experience in dealing with complex technical problems and solutions.

Ask Questions

You must proactively ask questions if you are unable to understand the problem statement or need any further explanation of the company’s expectations. Asking questions reflects your critical thinking skills and genuine interest in the job profile. You must also inquire about the company’s work culture, growth opportunities, and team dynamics to ensure that your role aligns with your career aspirations.  

Check behavioral questions

Along with the technical questions, interviewers also ask behavioral questions to know your soft skills and cultural fit. Some of the common behavioral questions include, “Tell me about any conflicts you face in your team and how you resolved them.” Or “describe any challenging situation you faced and the solutions implemented’. You must employ the STAR method, i.e. (Situation, Task, Action, and Result) to frame your answer effectively.  

Remain updated

To stay ahead in this technological world, you must remain updated about new technologies and framework. Check latest trends, software, or new practices in your field. Always check industry blogs, participate in any tech meetups, and online forums to know about the latest technologies. Letting the interviewers know about your interest in new learning will impress them and they may consider you a valuable asset for the company.  

Focus on communication skills

Along with technical knowledge companies also focus on communications skills. Being proficient in language you will be able to explain your thought process and other problem solving skills in a convincing manner to the interviewers. Be ready for the feedback from the interviewers and engage in a dialogue with them. Through excellent communication you can convey your ideas properly and this is a crucial aspect in a technical job.  

Be honest and authentic

Honesty is always appreciated, as it tells interviewers about your personality. Tell your strength and weakness honestly and let them know your areas of improvement, so that they can train you on that later on. Knowing about your weak point is an important aspect which a company can appreciate.  

Follow Up

As a courtesy you must write a thank-you mail to the interviewer. Thank them for the opportunity and again remind them about your skills and key points discussed during the interview. This might seem to be a simple step, but can make you stand out from the rest of the candidates.  


You need to prepare well in advance for the technical interview. Polish your technical knowledge and communications skills before appearing for the interview. The above-mentioned points can help you in getting success in the interview. Remember, you always learn something new during your interview, so keep going and never give up, you will find the right company as per your skills.
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