What do Technology Jobs Pay? Highest Paying IT Jobs in USA 2023


Ever wondered what do technology jobs pay their candidates? Information Technology is one of the accelerating careers from many leading jobs out there. Besides many benefits in the industry, the high salary remains on top! As a leading IT headhunter, Times Agency Group is able to gather a firm understanding of why IT jobs pay well and which US companies are offering lucrative packages for those IT jobs. 

With years of experience in staffing for IT firms, we know what it is that drives so much money in these jobs. In this blog, we are going to tap into the reason behind the high-paying IT Jobs and list the IT companies that are paying high salaries to IT experts in 2023.

Why IT Jobs Pay Well?

what do technology jobs pay

Why IT jobs pay well must be the most asked question by almost everyone who may have seen a lucrative job posting for an IT job. Well, the tremendous growth of technology, along with the demand for specialized skills, is one reason that makes IT jobs sough-after even in 2023. The global IT industry is highly competitive in nature, making it difficult to extract the best IT workforce, hence leading to high demand in the job market.  

Therefore, most in demand IT jobs are always high paying and difficult to be filled without the assistance of IT staffing agencies. As per recent reports, there are 3.97 million jobs for IT professionals in the US for positions like Full-Stack Developers, Mobile App Developer, Big Data Engineers and more in demand IT jobs. Read on to know which IT jobs are in demand in detail in the below sections. 

How Much Tech Jobs Pay on an Average in US?

Wondering how much IT jobs pay on an average in US? The average pay of the demanding IT jobs in the USA is $44,923 per year or $21.60 per hour. Even entry-level IT jobs in the USA pay an average of $33,150 per year. The pay scale is also subject to change with your skillset and experience in the tech industry. The United States houses some of the leading IT companies, which is why they retain the best IT talent from around the world with such high-paying packages.

List of Highest Paying IT Jobs in 2023

highest paying IT Jobs

Running your searches to find what IT jobs are in demand? We have got it all covered with a list of all the high-paying US IT jobs in 2023.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Engineer-The demand for AI and ML experts is growing rapidly, with companies using these technologies to automate processes and gain insights from data.

Cybersecurity Analyst– With the increasing number of cyber-attacks and data breaches, cybersecurity analysts are among the IT jobs that pay well to protect sensitive information and networks.

Data Scientist– As data becomes more important for businesses to make informed decisions, the demand for data scientists who can analyze and interpret data will continue to grow.

Cloud Architect– With more and more companies moving their operations to the cloud, the demand for cloud architects who can design and manage cloud-based solutions will remain high.

Full-Stack DeveloperFull-stack developers who can work on both front-end and back-end development are in high demand due to their versatility.

DevOps EngineerDevOps engineers who can bridge the gap between development and operations teams to streamline the software development process are among the highest paying IT jobs in USA.

Mobile Application Developer– With the increasing use of smartphones and mobile devices, the demand for mobile application developers who can create innovative mobile apps will remain high.

Blockchain Developer– As blockchain technology becomes more mainstream, the demand for blockchain developers who can create and maintain blockchain-based solutions will continue to grow.

UX DesignerUser experience (UX) designers who can create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces for websites and applications will remain in high demand.

IT Manager– IT managers who can oversee technology operations and ensure the smooth functioning of an organization’s IT infrastructure will continue to be in demand.

Highest Paying IT Jobs in 5 Years

Highest Paying IT Jobs recent 5 years

Are the IT jobs we discussed above still be in demand for the next five years? This is the question that must be in your mind the moment you are reading the list. The changing nature of technology will not only introduce new IT jobs but will also increase the demand for the existing IT job roles. Here are some of the IT jobs that you will find thriving in the next five years


  • Network administrator
  • Computer systems analyst
  • Web developer
  • Video game designer
  • Information security analyst
  • Database administrator
  • IT manager
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Java Developer
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Software Engineer

Summing Up

The rising demand for technology and IT jobs is ruling the job market. The high paying IT jobs always leave people questioning “why IT jobs pay so much”! The reason is simple it’s ever-rising demand with the scarcity of IT talent that make these jobs among the highest paying jobs worldwide. 

The USA is known to house the leading IT talent paying them an average of $44,923 per year. IT jobs like Data scientist, Web developer, Software engineer etc., are going to be the highest paying job for the next five years as well. If you also wish to apply to such high paying IT jobs, then Times Agency Group is here to place you in the top IT firms in 2023.

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