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Time Agency Group specializes in the on-demand recruitment of top talent with leading IT companies.

Alabama Tech Recruiter

Alabama’s quintessential IT recruitment agency available state and nationwide

Alabama is home to over sixty universities and houses professionals specializing in STEM careers. These tech hubs are evolving due to new, advanced talent, expanding high-tech industries, tech unicorns, and tech giants. The exponential growth has demanded dedicated and talented employees. Time Agency Group is here to fill that need. We pride ourselves in securing job opportunities for skilled and hardworking individuals from Alabama’s prominent tech hubs in Montgomery, Birmingham, and the Huntsville Metro Area. Headhunters at TAG track down the United States’ most esteemed IT professionals and provides an employment gateway to major tech hubs in Alabama. Our expert staff not only find the best candidates for the interview but also run a rigorous background and reference check to ensure that all the candidates’ details are verified.

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