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Find world-class IT leaders, to be placed in California with Time Agency Group.

California has been at the forefront of all things tech with over a million tech employees. It hosts one of the world’s most prominent and recognized tech hubs in the world. The Stanford Industrial Park takes credit for its historical growth. The world’s most iconic tech hub Silicon Valley is the birthplace of many fortune 500 and fortune 1000 companies. Time Agency Group has a reserve of world-class candidates monitored by headhunters who track the candidate’s growth and potential. We ensure that the employment standard is maintained in Silicon Valley by going above and beyond to hire the best. Time Agency Group provides job opportunities for talented and hardworking individuals in Silicon Valley by pairing them with suitable IT organizations. Fill out the form to contact our team of experts.

Looking for Your Next Career Move? you have 4 options.

San Diego: Emphasize opportunities in cybersecurity fields

San Francisco: thriving tech industry and competitive compensation packages for IT professionals. 

San Jose: the talent pool of Silicon Valley’s technology hub for top IT talent

Los Angeles: opportunities in entertainment technology, gaming, and digital media industries.

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